Manage your hosting infrastructure from a centralized, intuitive portal and control various server applications, with this versatile software solution.

  • SolidCP
  • Version:1.2.0
  • License :Trial
  • OS:Windows All
  • Publisher:SolidCP

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SolidCP Description

SolidCP is a powerful software suite designed to help you deploy and control a wide range of server-based services. It provides you with a centralized portal that enables you to manage your entire hosting infrastructure from a single, intuitive interface.

SolidCP is a fork of WebsitePanel and was created to improve upon the latter in a number of ways.

Relatively straightforward deployment process

Before you can take advantage of SolidCP, you need to ensure the necessary software components are available. The program requires .NET Framework, Internet Information Services and Microsoft SQL Server to be installed on your PC.

Setting up a standalone server is not terribly difficult, but you need to perform a series of configurations in order to access the web portal. Detailed explanations are available online, but it would have helped it some local documentation was also provided.

Manage all your services from a user-friendly web portal

Once all the necessary configurations have been performed, you can access the SolidCP portal from any web browser. It enables you to manage user accounts, hosting plans, servers and scheduled tasks, as well as view an audit log and generate reports.

The portal has a simple, intuitive layout and can be controlled quite easily even by users who have little experience with similar management interfaces.

Versatile software solution that can help you manage a wide range of services

SolidCP can be used to control a large number of server applications, including IIS, SQL Server, MySQL, MariaDB, Sharepoint, Lync, WebDAV and Exchange.

Of course, one of the main advantages offered by SolidCP is the fact that the project is community driven and open-source, which means it can be used freely for any purpose, and its source code is readily available.

Overall, SolidCP is a comprehensive software solution designed to help cloud computing companies and IT providers automate the provisioning of various services on servers. It provides you with a simple, intuitive web portal and supports a wide range of server applications.

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