SolarWinds TFTP Server

Securely transfer files via TFTP using this free and intuitive application that runs in the systray and supports server bindings.

  • SolarWinds TFTP Server
  • Version :
  • License :Trial
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :SolarWinds

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SolarWinds TFTP Server Description

SolarWinds TFTP Server is a very easy to use TFTP server that has only a few configuration options and comes with a simple interface.

Especially designed to transfer configuration files with ease, SolarWinds TFTP Server relies on a very easy to navigate layout that displays the current status of the server and the root directory right in the main window.

Of course, having a look at the configuration screen is a must have because it allows you to start or stop the server, add FTFP Server to Windows System Tray for quick access and define the server root directory.

Additionally, you can set up server bindings and choose IP addresses and subnets, but also configure the allowed transfer types and IP address restrictions, with the first comprising several options, such as send files, receive files or both.

Supposed to run most of the time, SolarWinds TFTP Server runs on low hardware resources and doesn’t slow down the operating system at all, working very smooth on all Windows versions currently on the market. It even comes with support for 64-bit operating systems and can complete transfers of files up to 4 GB.

Because guiding users throughout the whole server setting up process is very important, SolarWinds TFTP Server comes with a comprehensive help manual that explains each feature integrated into the app.

Overall, SolarWinds TFTP Server is an easy to use TFTP Server that is safely addressed to all types of users. Not only that it comes with a freeware license, but it also works flawlessly on all Windows flavors out there, including 63-bit versions.

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