SolarWinds SFTP/SCP Server

A SCP and SFTP server that allows concurrent connections and speedy file transfers, as well as backing up and restoring of configuration files.

  • SolarWinds SFTP/SCP Server
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  • License :Trial
  • OS:Windows All
  • Publisher:SolarWinds

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SolarWinds SFTP/SCP Server Description

As its name clearly states, SolarWinds SFTP/SCP Server comprises a SFTP and a SCP server into a single package. Focusing on the protection of file transfers, the server uses protocols that are renowned for their data security standards.

The server is easily deployed on the host computer, as the installation process poses no difficulty. The service can be started and stopped via the system tray menu or from within the main window, which also displays information regarding running sessions and the connected clients.

Configure permitted operations and used protocols

A custom root folder can be set for incoming and outgoing file transfers. Moreover, the application can be configured to use SCP, SFTP, or both protocols, and apply SSH1, SSH2, or both for data security.

Additional customization options enable you to set the operations that the clients are allowed to perform, including file uploading and downloading, file deletion and renaming, data reading, directory creation and erasing.

User authentication to enhance security

The server uses the default port associated with SCP and SFTP, namely TCP port 22. However, this setting can be changed, but be careful to also configure the clients to use the same port. Otherwise, incoming connections will not be intercepted.

User authentication is supported, so you can create password-protected user accounts. This way, you make sure only authorized users will be able to upload and download data to and from the server.

Aside from file transfers, the SCP server can also be used for to update IOS firmware, as well as to backup and restore router configuration files.

Reliable SFTP and SCP server for your entire network

Relying on secure protocols with advanced protection features, SolarWinds SFTP/SCP Server facilitates file transfers with minimum risk. It supports multi-threaded operations and runs as a service that is available for the entire network. Taking into account it comes at no cost, it is a good choice if you are looking for a hassle-free SFTP or SCP server.

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