Generate a virtual sun in a quick. convenient manner by turning to this lightweight plugin for Adobe Photoshop that lets you customize several parameters.

  • SolarCell
  • Version :1.97
  • License :Shareware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Flaming Pear

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SolarCell Description

SolarCell is a lightweight plugin for Adobe Photoshop that was designed to help users such as graphic designers or photo manipulation artists generate suns and include them into their projects without significant efforts.

Given that it is not a standalone component, this utility needs to be implemented into a host application. In this situation, the host application is Adobe Photoshop. Users can deploy this plugin on their computers by extracting the contents of its archive and moving them inside the Plug-Ins directory of Photoshop, usually found at C:Program FilesAdobe PhotoshopPlug-Ins.

Users should be aware that the application needs to be closed prior to installing the plugin or restarted after setting it up so that it can load its corresponding components accordingly. Launching the plugin can be done via the Plugins category from the Effects menu.

SolarCell can help users generate suns that can be included in their projects. The main window of the plugin consists of four sections, which encompass a handful of adjustable slider bars, enabling users to customize the suns according to their needs. For instance, it is possible to change values for radius, swirl count, smear, detail, gamma, diffraction and width. Users can also create a randomized output by clicking the dice button.

System requirements

  • Adobe Photoshop

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