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Keep the score of any competition with the help of this approachable application that can generate reports for multiple contestants and rounds.

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SoftReckon ScoreKeeper Pro Description

Since there is no room for arbitrary factors when organizing a competition, and a considerable amount of objectivity is needed in order to guarantee a transparent event, a software utility assisting you in nominating the winners could be of great help.

SoftReckon ScoreKeeper Pro is one such program whose purpose is to keep an eye on the points earned by all contestants in order to easily calculate the general score.

Lets you keep an eye on any contestant’s performance

Upon an uneventful installation process, you are prompted with a clutter-free user interface that comes with three different themes and other customizations. This is where you are asked to indicate the specifics of your competition.

First and foremost, the title of your contest, the event organizers, moderators or judges, and scorekeepers must be filled in, with the possibility of choosing the number of contestants participating in your event as well as how many competing rounds you intend to have.

Then, typing in the contestant names as well as adding a corresponding picture is the next step that need be taken, with the possibility of updating all this info at any subsequent point.

Can generate printable reports

Returning to the program’s main window, you are shown the contestants, with the possibility of directly interacting with the allocated points in the Control Panel. Adding or removing points is possible for any player and round, with the session stats being updated in real time so that you can anticipate the course of events.

It is also worth mentioning that generating reports based on the collected data is possible, and editing them should raise no difficulty whatsoever. What’s more, support for printing is provided in case you don’t prefer to simply save them to your PC.

Handy score-keeping application

On an ending note, SoftReckon ScoreKeeper Pro is a user-friendly score-keeping tool that lends you a hand when supervising a competition. It can automatically calculate the total number of points gained by participants in a user-defined number of sessions, while also being able to generate comprehensive reports.

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