SoftPerfect Switch Port Mapper

Analyze and identify the computers connected to each switch port and find out which ports are available with this handy and reliable software solution.

  • SoftPerfect Switch Port Mapper
  • Version :2.0.5
  • License :Demo
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :SoftPerfect Research

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SoftPerfect Switch Port Mapper Description

When you are in charge with maintaining a network, you might need to explore the computers connected to the switch ports – and since everyone wants to complete all tasks as quickly as possible, you can rely on SoftPerfect Switch Port Mapper.

The application installs without any issues and does not even require a very performant computer in order to function smoothly; it also runs on any operating system newer than Windows XP.

The main window of the application is initially blank and it can be populated with data as soon as you specify the SNMP devices you want to work with. You need to enter not only the switch host name and community string, but also the details regarding the router and its SNMP version, then assign a name to the device and test the connection.

If the data you filled in is correct and the configuration is successful, you can start exploring the information displayed on the connected computers. SoftPerfect Switch Port Mapper presents the MAC and IP addresses of the devices, along with their host names.

Furthermore, the software utility can also come in handy when it comes to checking the status and speed of all connected ports, as well as any errors that might occur.

If you are an expert network admin, you probably prefer to use command-line tools since they are often faster than the GUI ones (i.e., those which feature a graphical user interface). This is why SoftPerfect Switch Port Mapper also includes such a version, created especially for those who value functionality over attractive menus and windows.

All in all, the application can prove quite useful whenever you want to manage your SNMP devices and analyze the computers connected to their switch ports. If you are pleased with its features, you can purchase a license of SoftPerfect Switch Port Mapper and use it without any limitations.

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