Sofonesia Image Watermark

Place text watermarks on your images in order to prevent them from being used without permission, by using this simple and easy to use application.

  • Sofonesia Image Watermark
  • Version :2.0
  • License :Freeware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Sofonesia Ltd

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Sofonesia Image Watermark Description

Whether on social media sites or personal web pages, people have gotten used to sharing photos through the Internet. However, posting this kind of information online does pose the risk of someone taking credit for your work.

A watermark is a recognizable pattern embedded within an image that can help discourage those who would attempt to claim your work as their own.

A small, easy to use application

There are many software solutions that can watermark your files, but they’re often difficult to use on account of the fact that they perform multiple other functions as well. What’s more, they can sometimes be slow, and take up valuable disk space.

Sofonesia Image Watermark is different. This lightweight, no-frills application is unburdened by any other features, except for its ability to convert between several image formats such as BMP, GIF, JPEG or PNG.

Its simple and intuitive interface is very easy to use. The main window of the application enables users to load the file they want to use and enter a short text string that the watermark will consist of. It can be configured in terms of font, style, size and opacity. After customizing the watermark, users can place it by using the directional controls provided by the application and save their work.

Scant functionality

Even though it can accomplish what it sets out to do (which is to watermark individual files), it does so with a number of limitations, lacking a number of features that one would expect of it.

Most importantly, it cannot use other images as watermarks, nor can it apply multiple watermarks to a single file at the same time.

The application also suffers from some interface quirks, such as the fact that the watermark cannot be placed using the mouse.

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