SodeaSoft Planning Pro

A comprehensive software solution that is designed to enable users to keep track of their staff members and assign them multiple tasks.

  • SodeaSoft Planning Pro
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  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :EBLM / SodeaSoft

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SodeaSoft Planning Pro Description

SodeaSoft Planning Pro is a powerful piece of software that provides managers with the possibility to create schedules and organize vacations for their employees.

A user-friendly but comprehensive tool

The application has been built with easy-to-use, straightforward looks, allowing managers to take full advantage of its capabilities effortlessly. The included functions are accessible directly from the program’s main window, from a ribbon-like interface.

The tool includes a calendar view and allows them to them to switch between month, week, and day view, thus providing managers with a better understanding of the already created schedules.

Choose between multiple task types

With the help of this piece of software, managers can assign multiple tasks and clients to their employees quickly, and can also schedule vacation days to rotate tasks between the available human resources.

For a better understanding of the assigned tasks, managers can use multiple colors when defining the schedule. Moreover, they can set up equipment cycling to ensure increased efficiency even during vacation months.

Keep track of tasks and worked days

The program makes it easy for managers to view the days worked by each of their employees, as well as to keep track of the scheduled tasks. The program can display info on the periodicity of a task, as well as on the progress on it and on whether it has been completed or not.

Managers can print any of the created schedules, either individually for each employee or all of them on the same document. A print preview option allows them to have a glimpse of the calendar before creating a hard copy of it.

A professional-grade tool

All in all, SodeaSoft Planning Pro is an easy-to-use, powerful scheduling application that can easily prove suitable for business managers. It allows them to create tasks and schedule workdays and vacation for multiple employees at once, set reminders, and assign equipment cycles effortlessly.

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