Snipping Tool++

Take screenshots full screen or capture a user-defined region of the desktop, upload files to Imgur or FTP, reassign hotkeys, as well as view and edit images.

  • Snipping Tool++
  • Version :6.4.5
  • License :Freeware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Shane M. Israel

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Snipping Tool++ Description

Snipping Tool++ is a small Windows application whose purpose is to help you take screenshots, edit photos, as well as share files. It is built as a replacement for the Windows Snipping Tool that integrates basic features for helping you capture essential parts of your projects.

This is a Java-based program so you need to previously deploy the working on your computer.

The comfort of working with portable tools

The portable running mode makes the utility an ideal candidate for being stored on any USB flash drives or other portable devices and carried with you. Plus, it can be opened without administrative privileges on the target computer.

Since it doesn’t write entries in your Windows registry, you can get rid of it by simply deleting the files that you have grabbed from the Internet.

Look for the app in the system tray

Snipping Tool++ resides quietly in the system without interfering with your work. Right-clicking on its icon reveals a set of features placed at your fingertips, namely open up the configuration panel, upload and view screenshots, as well as take screenshots.

Take snapshots and edit them

The application offers you the option to take screenshots using only two modes: full screen or a user-defined selection of the desktop. A small magnifying panel is displayed each time you define the region of the screen that you want to capture. Snapshots can be taken using hotkeys or accessing the functions via the system tray icon.

The built-in editor delivers a clean and intuitive layout. It only works with the captured photos so you cannot import custom pictures from your disk and alter them.

Snipping Tool++ lets you add a personal touch to your snapshots using a pencil for creating freehand designs, drawing lines, rectangle wire frames, filled and bordered rectangles, blurring selected areas from an image, as well as embedding custom text messages. In addition, you may adjust the opacity level and stroke size of the editing tools.

Image viewer and cloud history

The application includes an image viewer that keeps a history with all screenshots and lets you copy the selected picture to the clipboard, open the folder where the photo is stored, as well as download your upload history from the cloud to any computer by registering a keyset.

Uploading and saving options

Screenshots can be uploaded to Imgur or saved to a file on your computer. Snipping Tool++ is able to automatically generate an Imgur link and a deletion URL that can be used for removing items from Imgur.

You can use the Multi Image Uploader in order to drag and drop photos directly in the main window and upload all of them to Imgur. In addition, you may upload screenshots via FTP.

Configuration settings

Several settings enable you to pick the saving directory, enable or disable the built-in editor, automatically save uploads, and select the preferred upload quality.

FTP setup parameters allow you to define the host, username, port, password and saving path. Plus, you can back up screenshots to FTP and use timestamp as filename. Hotkeys can be used for faster actions and can be reassigned for performing various actions, such as save screenshots and upload files.

An overall quick and efficient tool

If you are looking for a simple software solution for taking screenshots, editing and sharing them with your friends, you can rely on Snipping Tool++. Although it cannot be described as the most powerful screenshot grabber and uploader on the market, it stands out in the crowd thanks to its intuitive suite of tools.

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