Balloon-style global notification system for your PC which is easy to configure and can be set to function differently for specific situations.

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Snarl Description

Snarl is a piece of software especially designed to offer you notifications in case an event occurs on your computer, be it of technical or social nature.

A large number of notification types

By default, Snarl comes with a diversity of alert types that are of general use. You get notifications for clipboard content change, reminders, alarms, high processor use, low disk space, connected or disconnected devices, exhausted physical memory and much more.

A really great thing about the application is that you can download and install add-ons which allow Snarl to communicate with other software that you have on your computer. This way, you are able to get notifications when someone contacts you on your IM application or such.

Easy to configure notifications

For each each registered application, Snarl enables you to customize its corresponding notification in terms of appearance, behavior, forwarding and redirection. You can choose to have the notification displayed in a specific style, set transparency, select its onscreen position and color tint.

In terms of behavior, Snarl makes sure that you are not constantly nagged about changes that occur. It allows you to manually set the priority of the notifications along with their duration or you can let the application decide for you.

While it is running, Snarl creates and displays an icon in the system tray area. From there, you can quickly access the application add-ons and set the conditions that trigger the alerts.

Redirect and log notifications

With Snarl, you can install add-ons that allow it to send the notifications and their content to other destinations rather than on your computer. They are recorded as log files and can be sent to web services or external devices.

Create custom notifications in a simple way

To sum things up, Snarl is by far one of the most practical, intuitive and easy to use notification systems out today and it can certainly help you keep track of all kinds of events.

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