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Send fax messages, forward them to a specified email address or export them with the help of this reliable and user-friendly software solution.

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Snappy Fax Lite Description

Even though email has become the most popular means of communication in offices throughout the world, sending fax messages is still handy, especially considering there are so many applications that can turn complicated fax machines into intuitive management solutions.

Such a utility is Snappy Fax Lite, a stripped-down version of Snappy Fax that features several important fax functions packed within a nice looking interface.

Automatically forward received fax messages to email

Once you install Snappy Fax Lite, you need to enter your full name or your organization’s, as well as enter the fax number that you want to connect to the app.

After you complete these steps, you can effortlessly explore and manage the incoming or the outgoing fax messages, read any chosen one or sort all the items according to the criteria you specify (such as receiver name, page number or received date).

Additionally, you can set the app to automatically forward any marked message to your email inbox, provided you set up the correct SMTP configuration in the dedicated window.

Design custom cover pages for your outgoing fax messages

One of the ways to make sure that your clients always read the fax messages you send them is to include an attractive cover page.

Snappy Fax Lite includes a specialized component that enables you not only to create the page you like best, but also to preview the result before saving it as the default layout. You can include a wide array of objects, such as the date, sender or recipient name, memos, disclaimers, images or various shapes.

Additionally, you can also examine the code lines and adjust them to your liking, so as to make sure the output cover page matches your expectations.

A user-friendly utility to get the most of any fax machine

All in all, Snappy Fax Lite can help novices and experts alike breathe new life into their fax machines due to the handy features it comes with.

Not only can you forward fax messages to emails, but you can also export them to CSV, TXT, XML or XLS, as well as come up with the ideal design for the cover page.

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