Bring your photos and videos to life by incorporating time into easy-to-make slideshows that you can share with your loved one with this tool.

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Smilebox Description

Any special day must have a card. Whether it is a beloved one’s birthday, or simply because it is today, a card brings a smile even on the grumpiest of you. With the help of Smilebox you can really make someone’s day shine. It is a simple utility with which you can create collages, invitations, and much more.

Fun for everyone to use

Once the application runs, it will keep you trapped in its spell for some time. It has tons of inspirational material to choose from and it will be hard, at a first look, to decide which one can be the most suitable for the occasion.

Several sorting options are available to help you get around faster, an a search bar in case you know exactly what you are looking for. You might also choose from one of your previous designs to modify, or use as a template.

Imagination is your only limit

Smilebox lets you modify any given template to your liking. With the option to add photos, and videos, you can make a card for any occasion, as long as you can get creative. You may also choose to add a song to play in the background, from some of the preset ones, or even play your own tune to give it a unique feel.

There are four simple steps to follow until you get a presentation done. The first one lets you select the given template, moving on to the personalization area, followed by the preview of your work, and last but not least, sharing it on various social networks, or printing it out on a disc drive.

In conclusion

Smilebox has picked its right name. It is a fun utility with which your imagination feels at home. The simple interface makes it accessible by all members of a family. With this in mind, get your thinking hat on, and start making someone’s day a little better.

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