Extend the title bar functionality with options to set priority, transparency, resize, align, or simply view more info which can help with programming.

  • SmartSystemMenu
  • Version :1.0.5336.20780
  • License :Ms-PL
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Alexander Illarionov

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SmartSystemMenu Description

Having to work with a lot of windows on the desktop is not an easy task, not because it’s rocket science, but it can be quite the pain, and even a time-consuming operation. Luckily there are different methods you can practice, and one suitable example is SmartSystemMenu which even attaches to the title bar menu.

No need for installation

A neat thing about it is it saves you the whole effort required to go through a setup process, so you can take it for a spin as soon as you’re done downloading it. No traces are left during runtime, because system registry entries are not a dependency for functionality. As such, you can safely carry it around on a thumb drive to use wherever necessary.

It goes directly to the tray area on launch, but you can easily identify it by the corresponding icon. There are not functions associated to the tray menu other than to close the program and make it run with Windows, so don’t be scared if nothing seems to be accomplished. Just right-click the title bar of any window and you immediately see what it can do for you.

Window management made easy

In case you’re into programming, the application can provide quite the variety of details for the targeted window. A window shows up, with two tabs. General info shows window handle, caption, class, style, and rectangle size, while the process tab reveals module name and path, as well as ID of thread and associated process.

This isn’t all the application has to offer. The new title bar context menu gives you the possibility to make a window stay on top of everything else, have it minimized to the tray area, resized, aligned to a specific screen region, or have priority level set to real time, high, above normal, normal, below normal, or idle to create a balance of performance.

To end with

Bottom line is that Windows lets you manipulate most functions and regions, but it’s not perfect. SmartSystemMenu comes to help with window management operations which aren’t regularly easy to find and use with default operating system, also helping with designing interfaces by studying window style, handle, class, and more.

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