Create quick access menus and use them to navigate to your preferred data in a quick, convenient manner by relying on this application.

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SmartMenu Description

Working with a large selection of tools on your computer can quickly become a challenging, tedious job, especially if you have no means of simplifying your task.

Fortunately, there are a few software solutions that can help you access important locations in a quick manner, without spending time looking around for them. One of the applications that can help you achieve this is SmartMenu.

Please note that this application requires .NET Framework in order to run as intended.

Allows you to generate lists of objects that need to be accessed quickly

This program can prove to be a valuable asset, as it can boost your computer’s overall accessibility by allowing you to access various locations in a quick, efficient manner. You can define lists of important objects and use them to navigate to your preferred content instantly.

Additionally, lists can be saved on your computer, so that you can easily share them with others or if you need several lists for multiple circumstances. Furthermore, you can upload your list online and access it via an Internet-enabled mobile device.

Subtle interface that can be easily accessed

SmartMenu is a lightweight, subtle application, as it mostly runs as a tray process. Calling its user interface can be easily done by hitting the Ctrl + Win key combination on your keyboard.

After you have defined a list of items, you can easily access its contents by relying on this application’s search functions, that provides you with quick, accurate results.

Creates shortcuts for folders, projects, company profiles, links or database searches

You can use this utility to generate shortcuts for a wide variety of objects, including projects, folders, applications, company profiles, web addresses and database searches. Doing so is possible by right-clicking inside its main window or by relying on the Add button and selecting the most suitable entry, depending on your needs.

As a conclusion, SmartMenu is a handy application that can help you boost your computer’s overall accessibility by allowing you to create shortcuts for a wide variety of items and enabling you with quick access over them.

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