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Explore a rich gallery of image effects, use intelligent selection tools, build effects from scratch, and share your projects with an active online community.

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Smart Photo Editor Description

Smart Photo Editor is a Windows application that contains comprehensive drawing tools and a rich library of customizable effects you can use to retouch your personal photo collections. It offers support for JPEG, PNG, TIFF and RAW graphic files. There’s also a Mac version available.

It’s wrapped in a clean and intuitive interface with a dark theme, where the drawing tools and effects are displayed on the right.

Wide range of drawing tools and effects

For instance, you can use the composite drawing tools to place other images in front or behind the current one. Also, you can erase unwanted objects from the pictures by blending them with the background, remove red eye, add text, crop, rotate, and straighten the image by correcting the perspective.

The effects from the library are organized into multiple categories, such as artistic, realistic, light (e.g. HDR, negative, vignette) color (e.g. vibrance, sepia, infrared, posterize), detail (e.g. contrast, depth of field, halftone, noise), style (e.g. glow, texture, antique, comic, grunge, retro, gothic, horror film), borders, mood, and on-trend.

Configure and add effects to a favorites list

If you need advice on the types of effects most suitable for your projects, Smart Photo Editor lets you know what each group is best for, such as portraits, landscapes, seascapes, flash, abstract or macro. For each effect, it’s possible to configure settings (Effect Controls), like exposure, highlight clipping, contrast, merge, and vibrance. Favorite effects can be added to a separate list for quick access (Add to Shortlist).

Smart selection tools and an elaborate effects builder

What’s more, Smart Photo Editor contains intelligent selection tools for the sky, subject, background, skin, water, ground, stones, metal, plants or anything else by arming you with lasso and edge finder tools.

The effects can be personalized or recreated from scratch via the Effect Editor. In this area, you can explore a filmstrip with all available effects, pick the ones you like, and drag them onto a map as building blocks. After finishing this collection, you can connect the outputs to the inputs to build effects, as well as double-click any building blocks to change its properties.

Additional features for registered users

The session can be saved to file to later pick up where you left off. Registered users may also export the project to file, print the image, apply effects to multiple photos at once, and export multiple images simultaneously. It’s also possible to submit own effects to the user community as well as to request effects or other features from the developer.

In conclusion, Smart Photo Editor comes bundled with an impressive range of customizable effects for beautifying photo collections. Luckily, it has tutorials and an active online community to help you get started.

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