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Analyze and defragment your hard-drives or games, so as to enjoy increased performance and speed while using your computer on a daily basis.

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Smart Defrag Pro Description

When using a computer for a long time, its performance might decrease over time and this is caused by the apps you installed, the files you copied from one folder to another or the games you played.

Rather than upgrade the hardware components or even buy a new PC, you can first consider defragmenting the hard drive, and Smart Defrag Pro is one of the apps that can be of use.

Defragment your HDDs and enhance your gaming experience

The application comes with an intuitive graphic interface that makes it as easy as possible for you to explore the available hard-drives, and then to select the action you want to perform, either defragment or analyze. You can also activate the so-called Intelligent Disk Boost.

As a side-note, if you are working with an SSD instead of an HDD, you will notice that some of the functions are not available, whereas the ‘Smart Optimize’ function has been replaced by the ‘Trim’ one.

Defragment specified files and folders

Smart Defrag Pro can help you not only optimize the performance of your Modern Apps, if you are running a compatible OS but also defragment user-defined files and folders.

You also get to select your preferred games and defragment them so as to enjoy better gaming experience – simply browse to the location of executable files and process them with a single mouse click.

Enable Boot Time Defrag

Smart Defrag Pro comes with a nifty feature that helps it defragment certain files that cannot be safely moved when the operating system is working. More precisely, you can defrag page or hibernation files, MFT, system and registry files.

You can set it to process the said files on next boot, on everyday first boot, on every boot or a custom period. Moreover, you can specify the maximum number of logged files.

Schedule defragmentation jobs

If you want to make sure you do not forget about defragmenting your hard-drives, you can rely on the scheduler as it can optimize fragmented files at a specified time, without any additional input on your side. However, it is recommended not to set the defragmentation frequency too high.

You can also activate the Automatic Defrag function, which makes it possible for the app to process fragmented files when the PC has been idle for a specific amount of time.

Bottom line

All in all, Smart Defrag Pro can be a reliable solution in the hand of a tech-savvy user who is looking to improve the overall speed and reliability of a computer.

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