Smart Chinese Reader

A lightweight and effective application aimed to help you read texts in Simplified or Traditional Chinese, aimed mainly at learners.

  • Smart Chinese Reader
  • Version :3.1
  • License :Freeware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Yifeng Yu

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Smart Chinese Reader Description

Smart Chinese Reader is a user-friendly and reliable software solution whose main purpose consists of helping you read texts in Chinese more easily, by splitting them into functional segments and allowing you to discover the meaning of words you are not familiar with.

Straightforward and intuitive appearance

Subsequent to a fairly brief and uneventful installation operation, it might be best that you launch the program using your administrator privileges, to ensure it will function correctly.

Smart Chinese Reader displays a tabbed interface, with three main sections, specifically ‘Text’, ‘Sentences’ and ‘Explanation’, letting you switch between them without too much effort.

Split your Chinese text into segments and learn what it means or hear it pronounced

For starters, you will need to load the text that you want to work with into the utility, either by typing it manually or by pasting it from clipboard, as the option to open a locally stored document is not available.

Afterward, you can click on the ‘Segment’ button and Smart Chinese Reader will split the body of text into phrases, which you can find in the ‘Sentences’ section, along with their translation in English and a TTS component that you can use to hear its correct pronunciation.

If a certain term poses some difficulty, you can learn more about it in the ‘Explanation’ tab, including its various meanings, other variants of the word and the proper way to read it. From the ‘Settings’ area, you can choose the Microsoft voices that you wish to use for TTS tasks.

A handy tool for learning Chinese

To sum it up, Smart Chinese Reader is a useful and efficient application that can assist you in learning Chinese, either the Traditional or the Simplified characters, helping you learn how to distinguish between functional segments and better understand what they mean.

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