Small Object Viewer

A simple to use application dedicated to opening 3D models, which supports a large series of 3D formats and allows you to apply textures or diffuse light.

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Small Object Viewer Description

Small Object Viewer is a user-friendly program that enables you to open 3D models and to study the effects of light, transparency, rotation or animation. Its graphic interface and function control allows you to manage an object even if you do not own extensive knowledge regarding 3D modelling.

Open 3D object in the editing space

Small Object Viewer allows you to import a series of 3D object formats, including DirectX model (.X), 3DS Autodesk model (.3DS), .MDL, .MDL2, MDL3 or Dark Basic Model (.DBO). The object you load are rendered in the preview area, in order for you to quickly observe the effects of minor adjustments.

For example, the software can display the object normally or in wireframe mode. Moreover, it can hide or unhide the object’s boundary lines. The boundary is usually a cube-like shape, measured from the most remote points in the object.

Additionally, you may apply and adjust transparency to the object, ghost or cull effect. You can also rotate the object according to the three axes, X, Y and Z, by specifying the degrees of rotation on each axis. You may enable the object animation or view it as a scale.

View new object and apply textures

Small Object Viewer also allows you to view and study a selection of basic elements, such as cubes, spheres, cylinders, cones or 3D text. You may colorize the objects, as well as apply ambient light effect to the shading.

The software supports applying textures loaded from .BMP files, as well as map object’s lightning, detail, blend or bump. Additionally you may apply ambiance and backdrop color, as well as set the location and light source.

3D object viewer and study environment

Small Object Viewer allows you to open and study a 3D object by viewing all its sides, applying light sources, transparency or enabling object animation. The software is user friendly and allows you to configure the options from graphic windows. Moreover, it can instantly apply the modifications and render them in real time.

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