SlyNFO Viewer

A lightweight application that you can use to open NFO, DIZ and text files, with customizable interface and the possibility to be launched in the command console.

  • SlyNFO Viewer
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  • License :Freeware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :MetalloSoft

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SlyNFO Viewer Description

Many users rely on Notepad to open files that contain elaborate ASCII art, but there are also specialized tools dedicated to the exact same purpose, with a more or less rich feature set. One example is SlyNFO Viewer, a small and intuitive application that can open and display NFO files of any size.

Despite its name, the application’s range of supported formats is not limited to NFO files. It can also be used for viewing the content of DIZ or plain text documents.

SlyNFO Viewer can be set to run in more than one instance, allowing you to open multiple documents simultaneously for comparison purposes. Also, it features word wrapping and can remember a history of recently opened files, the number of entries being set by the user.

Optionally, you can set it to handle NFO, DIZ and text files by default, but this operation requires the installation of SlyNFO Viewer on your system (normally, the program runs directly, without requiring setup).

Although simple in its essence, SlyNFO Viewer features a modern-looking and stylish interface that comes with full customization options, enabling you to completely change its appearance.

From the toolbar color to the text background, the transparency or the font style, all of these settings can be easily changed by the user. Furthermore, it comes with a collection of presets that enables you to find the most eye-pleasing look.

The configuration settings can be saved to a VB script or init string, enabling you to load it at a later time.

SlyNFO Viewer comes with the customization settings required for viewing certain files in a specific color and font. It enables you to view ASCII art in a modern, yet intuitive GUI.

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