Share your desktop with other Skype users with this application, which sure comes in handy if you want to troubleshoot a remote PC via Skype.

  • SkyRemote
  • Version: RC 2
  • License :Freeware
  • OS:Windows All
  • Publisher:Scand

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SkyRemote Description

SkyRemote enables Skype users to share their desktop, provided the remote PC also has Skype and SkyRemote installed. Using SkyRemote, you can remote control your friend’s screen, which particularly comes in handy when troubleshooting is needed.

Share the desktop without starting a Skype call

SkyRemote reiterates a feature that is already implemented in Skype, namely screen sharing. However, it is not limited to screen viewing, as it allows the control of the remote PC, just like you would be sitting in front of it.

Moreover, in SkyRemote, you can also offer to share the desktop, not just send a request to your interlocutor. And unlike Skype’s built-in feature, remote desktop sharing does not require the two (or more) users to be in a call.

Record remote sessions and share the clipboard

SkyRemote runs in the system tray and automatically detects when a friend in your list goes online in Skype, showing a small notification window and adding him or her to the connection list. With just a click, you can either offer to share the desktop or request a remote screen sharing session. If the interlocutor accepts, the remote viewing session is started.

The refresh rate is not great, but not so bad either. You might notice that remote control is not activated by default, but when you toggle the ‘Interactive’ option active, you will be able to use the remote computer as if you were in front of it.

Running sessions can be recorded, and the video is saved in AVI format. Other options enable the two or more connected users to send the local clipboard content to each other.

Remote control connections via Skype

SkyRemote allows you to conveniently connect to a remote computer, adding remote control capabilities to Skype. It is a rather good alternative to other remote utilities, but some improvements are mandatory to have it compete with some of the most popular tools in this sector.

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