SIW Technician’s Version

Enables you to view detailed information about the your system, with a breakdown for each different area of the computer with this powerful application.

  • SIW Technician’s Version
  • Version: 2017 7.4.0705
  • License :Trial
  • OS:Windows All
  • Publisher:Gabriel Topala

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SIW Technician’s Version Description

Computers are complicated machines that are made up of multiple different components, systems and programs that can be difficult to understand. SIW Technician’s Version is an application that displays a complicated list of a computers components in three stages, the software, hardware and the network, with expandable areas for each one.

A simple and clear interface that allows users to accurately browse their entire system quite easily

There are many areas of a computer’s system that some users won’t be aware of, or just haven’t seen before. SIW Technician’s Version manages to make all the technical information of a system easily available and stored in one place, but it also makes it easy to understand.

The information is displayed in a clear and concise way, that is more readable than the standard Windows format that users would normally view in its traditional location. Not to mention the lack of submenus and hidden folders that some of the information would normally be buried in, which would prevent some users from finding the relevant information.

An array of different features and additional tools to make the program more robust

SIW Technician’s Version includes several different tools and features that provide the program with more use than just a system exploring tool. The application includes a password reveal tool that can be used to reveal the password in a hidden area, helping users to recover lost password, such as website passwords

Another feature included in SIW Technician’s Version is the CPU and Memory usage tracker, although this feature is particularly easy to find on a standard system so its value is debatable. The other features are mainly editing tools and shortcuts to update the different system drivers and so on. Users can also shutdown specific functions or refresh them via SIW Technician’s Version, essentially making the program a replacement for the Task Manager.

A clearly useful application that will especially help new users learn their system

SIW Technician’s Version is clearly a useful tool that users, both advanced and amateur will be able to take advantage of. For new users, the program will provide a way to learn their system and access parts of it they previously couldn’t find. For advanced users, SIW Technician’s Version essentially replaces the Task manager as a more advanced version of it, allowing greater control and versatility.

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