Check specified sites for dead links or broken images with this application that allows users to export their queries to TXT or CSV.

  • SiteVerify
  • Version :0.46
  • License :Freeware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Ian Bugeja

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SiteVerify Description

SiteVerify is an intuitive application designed to test URL addresses for dead links and images that are not displayed.

A color system to separate good from bad results

Once a valid URL is inserted, the utility verifies the links and the images. Results are displayed in four different colors: blue (URLs are alive), red (links were found to be dead), green (images were valid), and black (entries that have not been visited).

The color system is a really great way of quickly visually distinguishing between results, more-so since sites can contain hundreds of links.

All results can be exported to text files (TXT or CSV), but users also have the option of discarding either failed or successful tests. This can be a great method of singling out problem links and images.

Users can select either quick or thorough scans

The application allows users to select the traverse depth. This option can be a real time-saver if one needs just a quick scan.

The opposite is true, of course, and a thorough scan is possible, although setting the “Traverse depth” to higher than 3 is hardly necessary and can slow down your system. External links can also be verified.

The interface is geared towards efficiency

The interface is simple and well adjusted for the purpose of the program. Targeted URLs are broken down into modules, but actual full links are also displayed. In case the color system is forgotten, a “Results” column is also available.

An overall useful tool to do simple tests on a URL address

In conclusion, the utility is very good to run standard consistency checks on sites. Broken links will be highlighted, as well as images that do not display. Failed tests can then be exported to TXT or CSV, in order to facilitate finding solutions.

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