Security program for public access computers that allows you to configure which websites, programs and folders a user has access to, block printing and emailing actions, display URLs in full screen mode, and delete user traces (history, cookies and cache).

  • SiteKiosk
  • Version : 9.5 Build 4117
  • License :Trial
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Provisio

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SiteKiosk Description

SiteKiosk is a software application whose purpose is to help you monitor and protect the operating system against various types of attacks, unauthorized access of system drives, folders and files, as well as viruses, Trojans and destructive scripts.

The utility employs a wizard-like approach for helping you set up several prior configuration parameters.

Master password and customizable user interface

A master password can be defined in order to prevent other users from accessing the tool. Plus, you can assign a key combination that brings up the password dialog box.

You are given the freedom to choose between several browser designs, enter the start page, reveal you digital signage content full screen or in a section of the screen, define the content that is revealed in full screen mode, and set up certain zones (URLs or local paths) for which a different layout is applied.

Web filters, screensaver settings and logout sessions

When it comes to configuring the surfing area, you are allowed to specify the web addresses that are allowed or restricted.

You may select the content you want to display when the device is idle (e.g. SiteKiosk Player, 3D text, blank, bubbles, photos, SiteKiosk start page, Digital Signage), automatically close any opened windows, delete temporary Internet files and browser history, as well as define the content that is shown on the optional second monitor.

Furthermore, you may set up the action that is triggered when a user logs out, namely delete temporary Internet files, cookies and/or installed personal certificates.

Restrict access to programs, printing, emailing and files

You are empowered to indicate the applications or games that users are allowed access to, enable the printing mode, send email messages, and specify the folders users have access to using the built-in file manager.

System maintenance, security and log files

Other important settings worth being mentioned deal with system maintenance (you may turn the display on and off or restart the computer at specific time), control which key combinations, dialogs, scripts and controls are allowed, as well as save log usage, errors, events and user behavior.

Where it falls short

The Basic edition of the program doesn’t offer support for on-screen keyboard, photo and video email sending options, blocking mode for inappropriate web content, use of VoIP features, and payment mode for charging the usage of devices.

An efficient protection tool

All in all, SiteKiosk comes with a smart package of features and manages to integrate them in an easily digestible form so even first-time users can learn to block or grant access to websites, programs and folders.

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