Query your Windows Management Instrumentation set of extensions and display the results with this easy to use application that allows you to generate HTML reports.

  • SimpleWMIView
  • Version : 1.32
  • License :Freeware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Nir Sofer

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SimpleWMIView Description

SimpleWMIView is a comprehensive WMI analyzer that allows users to choose which information is displayed, as well as save their results to TXT, CSV, XML or HTML formats.

Generates very detailed WMI queries

The program does not require any significant input from users. There is a set of predefined options from which they can choose from. Once a WMI namespace and class are chosen, the utility starts querying the system.

A nice feature is that during this time (and the analysis can take a few seconds), full control is retained over the program. A “Stop” option is always present; so if the process seems to be taking too long, a safety net is available!

The application supports sending synchronous or asynchronous queries and controlling the analysis timeout is possible. These last two features are great for preventing potential crashes!

Query local or remote computers and generate reports in multiple formats

Advanced users will surely like the ability to analyze not only local, but also network devices. Once a valid IP is inserted, the software will attempt to process the remote computer.

Users should, however, make sure that the application can actually connect to the designated resource (otherwise the tool will return an access denied error).

Regardless of how the software is used, locally or for network items, SimpleWMIView sports a reasonable amount of export methods.

Output files can take the form of TXT, CSV, XML or HTML. But the really nice touch is that users can select which entries to save to disk. Given the fact that a complete analysis can contain thousands of entries, this is very handy, indeed!

A simple, but comprehensive system information resource

To conclude, SimpleWMIView is an original and highly powerful tool. Newcomers will find it very intuitive, as there is literally only one button that starts the analysis, while more tech-savvy users will find the remote query function very appealing!

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