Simple Sitemap Creator

Scan websites and create XML-compatible sitemaps in just a few moves with this straightforward and user-friendly software application.

  • Simple Sitemap Creator
  • Version :1.3.2
  • License :BSD License
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Matthew Hipkin

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Simple Sitemap Creator Description

One of the easiest solutions when you want to build a website is to actually work on something that is already built and improve from there, as starting from scratch is not usually productive. To achieve this, you should first find an example of a website and, of course, view its structure.

This is possible with the help of sitemaps, which are lists of pages on a website and these can be accessed by both crawlers and users.

Generate sitemaps of websites with just a few mouse clicks

Simple Sitemap Creator is a no fuss, no muss piece of software designed to provide you with an easy solution for creating sitemaps.

Put simply, this lightweight tool scans websites and generates HTML, Google Sitemaps-compatible XML and CSV sitemaps.

Portable sitemap generator with an intuitive interface

Since the application is portable, you are not required to go through any kind of installation process, but, more importantly, you can simply take it with you everywhere you go on any small storage device.

The utility comes with a fairly straightforward interface that makes it easy even for novices to create sitemaps.

Save the sitemaps on your computer or copy their content directly to the clipboard

As follows, you need to simply type in the site URL, choose one of the three tabs namely HTML, Google Sitemaps and CSV, and click ‘Go’.

Consequently, the app crawls the website and creates sitemaps which you can save on your computer. Moreover, you can also export the results to your computer’s clipboard by simply clicking the ‘Copy’ button.

Simplicity and efficiency working together

Taking all of the above into consideration, while it may not look like much, Simple Sitemap Creator is an efficient tool that stands true to its name and is indeed very simple to use, before everything else.

Its simplicity and its speed, along with the fact that it is portable make it a very efficient and handy tool.

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