Simple Barcode Maker

Generate multiple types of barcodes and export them to several image formats, using a straightforward application that offers plenty of customization options.

  • Simple Barcode Maker
  • Version :2.04
  • License :Freeware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Simple Barcode Ltd

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Simple Barcode Maker Description

Any business can benefit from using barcodes when selling various products, as they make it much easier to both process these items and keep track of transactions.

Simple Barcode Maker is a simple and intuitive application that enables you to design barcodes in a few easy steps, and then export them to several popular image formats. It is very novice-friendly, but it features a rather outdated user interface.

Supports numerous symbologies and allows you to customize a wide range of parameters

There is no point in listing all the barcode types that are supported by this application, but it is safe to say that most of the popular symbologies are available.

When creating a new barcode, you can provide both the text to be encoded and a title, select the desired format, choose a font that is to your liking and set the output dimensions.

Additionally, it is possible to rotate the barcode and modify its alignment, as well as change the default text and background color.

Generate and export barcodes in no time at all

Simple Barcode Maker stands out because of its simplicity and intuitive design, which means novices should not run into any issues while using it. However, it is worth noting that no documentation is included.

The application allows you to export the barcodes to BMP, PNG or WMF files, but you also have the option of sending them to your default image editor directly and performing any necessary modifications before saving the finalized product.

Lightweight and efficient utility that features an outdated UI

Simple Barcode Maker can be deployed very easily, as the setup procedure is uneventful, and there are no software requirements worth mentioning.

However, it must be noted that the user interface is somewhat out of date, although this may not be a major issue if all you need is a reliable, no-nonsense barcode generator.

In conclusion, Simple Barcode Maker is a handy application that, true to its name, provides you with a straightforward method of creating and exporting barcodes. It is quite versatile, as it supports a broad range of symbologies, and it is very easy to use.

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