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Create, install, and maintain full featured forms for your website with only a few mouse clicks, courtesy of this intuitive piece of software.

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Simfatic Forms Description

Simfatic Forms is a user-friendly piece of software that provides users with the possibility to create a broad range of forms for their websites in a few, straightforward steps.

Fully customizable forms

The application provides users with the possibility to build fully personalized forms right from the start, so as to ensure that users receive a great experience from them.

Developers can create forms by selecting one of more of the pre-loaded templates though they are also provided with the option to modify these. The tool includes support for different styles and also allows users to change them in line with their needs.

Create a broad range of forms

With the help of this piece of software, developers can create a large number of forms and align them on a page in line with their needs. They can also modify the size of each item, to ensure that it fits the desired layout.

The tool comes with support for a variety of form types, including textboxes, checkboxes and multi-select fields, as well as drop-down lists, hidden fields, captcha, and calculation fields. Users can place multiple forms on the same page or can create different pages for each of them.

Define validations for each form

After choosing the desired design for each of the newly created forms, users can also define the validations for them, to ensure that each of these elements gets users to a particular result. Moreover, they can decide what happens with the form submission data after the process has been completed.

The software allows developers to set various form processing options, in addition to opting in for receiving emails with the form data, and for sending users to a thank you page as soon as they have ended the form completion process.

Fast website integration

In addition to providing developers with the possibility to create forms, the utility also offers them the option to integrate these forms with their website quickly. Furthermore, it can be used to automatically upload the new data to a server, for even faster integration.

All in all, Simfatic Forms is an easy-to-use, snappy application for creating forms for websites and for publishing them online. It comes with a series of pre-defined templates and styles, but it also allows developers to fully customize their new forms before uploading them to their websites.

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