Provide your important documents with more security by having them encrypted with the help of this easy to use software application.

  • Signature995
  • Version : 18.0
  • License :Trial
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :pdf995

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Signature995 Description

Most important documents are found under the PDF format due to their increased security. However, you might need to further protect or sign documents before publishing or distributing them. Specialized applications like Signature995 give you the possibility to encrypt any PDF file and more documents to maximize protection.

Encrypt PDF and office files

The application runs in a pretty compact main window, with features clearly visible and major functions stored in tabs. Activity required on your behalf only imply a few mouse clicks. The desired file needs to be loaded, which is done only through the dedicated browser, with no possibility to drag documents over the main window.

You are able to encrypt PDF files, as well as your common office suite file formats. However, there are more options when using PDF documents. You can impose restrictions, such as printing or having content copied to clipboard. This comes in handy for classified documents, with the possibility to further secure them with a password.

Sign and verify encrypted files

Needless to say that the application puts a tool at your disposal with which the reverse process is done. You are only required to select the desired file and, if the case applies, provide the password used to encrypt.

Furthermore, to make your documents authentic, you are able to digitally sign them, as well as co-sign existing ones. The process is simple, with only a few text fields needing to be filled. To make sure everything is in order, a function lets you verify signatures, displayed in a properties window.

To end with

Taking everything into consideration, we can say that Signature995 is a neat application that secures your important documents. Its features are easy to use, even though it’s not the prettiest of its kind. All you need to keep in mind when handling your files is the password, otherwise your documents are lost.

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