Side Mirror

A lightweight tool for presenter view.

  • Side Mirror
  • Version :1.2
  • License :Trial
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Nader Elshehabi

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Side Mirror Description

Creating presentations is one of the most common uses for computers today, more-so since powerful projectors can be employed to ensure no details are lost. Although not a slideshow generator, Side Mirror allows its users to extend their display to multiple monitors, thus effectively controlling multiple views from a single computer.

Extend the view by using multiple displays

It should be noted that the program does not simply duplicate any one desktop view and nor does it extend the monitor in the conventional method. It differentiates itself by allowing users to keep one monitor focused on local tasks – e.g. presentation notes, while the additional view is centered on the actual slideshow that the audience sees.

Although this approach is not revolutionary by any means, it does provide a significantly improved solution over either of the two conventional actions, which are still widely employed in various venues.

Easily switch between the devices used

The program features a highly intuitive and simple layout, which allows newcomers to benefit from it with just a few mouse clicks. These things being said, the secondary display has to be properly configured in the host OS before any extension can be performed.

Very few settings can be adjusted, although one can change the FPS value, as well as choose from multiple secondary displays from a dropdown menu. An ‘always on top’ function can also be employed to ensure distractions do not occur during presentations.

On the whole, a simple utility for multi-monitor setups

To conclude, Side Mirror is a viable option for users who regularly employ multiple displays during presentations or similar activities. It allows its users to extend the view with a single mouse click, as well as change between devices with similar ease.

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