Instantly capture screenshots or short clips of your best gaming moments with the help of this streamlined and very efficient piece of software.

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SHU Description

Regardless of the game of choice, capturing the best moments like an epic battle or an awesome kill is something that almost all gamers strive for.

This is where SHU steps forward as an interesting solution for capturing those decisive moments of glory. It does so by offering you a basic set of screen capturing tools, as well as a very useful feature that allows you to record the last 30 seconds of gameplay with just a press of a button.

Simple installation, preceded by a useful tutorial upon starting the app

You can quickly get started with the app, since it does not require a great deal of computer know-how in order to install it. Simply launch its streamlined installer and once the whole process is completed, the application automatically integrates itself with your computer’s taskbar.

Upon first launching the app, you are greeted by a welcoming tutorial designed to accustom you with the app’s features and workflow. It is at this point that we must point out that you are required to run your games in fullscreen in mode if you want to take advantage of SHU’s full functionality.

Once the tutorial is over, you get to lay your eyes on the app’s actual main window. It features a black-themed and simplistic user interface with a two top toolbars, one designed to capture and share the screenshots while the one underneath it more suitable for annotation work.

Define keyboard shortcuts that don’t obstruct your gaming style

Probably the first thing you should address is defining useful shortcuts for the app’s basic features.

Head over to the Settings section ad define shortcuts for capturing parts of your screen, a full screenshot or for the uber-useful feature that records the last 30 seconds of gameplay since the moment it has been activated or go with the default ones if they suit your needs.

Capture, annotate and share your best gaming moments with the help of this app

Furthermore, once the screenshots have been captured, you can use the utility’s basic annotation tools in order to emphasize various aspects. You should not expect professional tools, since SHU only offers a tool for adding text and images, some pointers to choose from and a few simple drawing tools.

Besides various ways of capturing and editing the gameplay snapshots, SHU also makes it quite straightforward for you to instantly share them to relevant social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+.

Efficient app for capturing in-game screenshots

All in all, SHU has all the ingredients for becoming a gamer’s best friend thanks to its accessible nature, efficient tools and light usage of system resources.

If not for anything else, SHU is worth a shot for its defining feature, the one that allows you to capture the last 30 seconds of gameplay, without which, there’s no doubt that SHU would have been just another run-of-the-mill app for capturing the in-game action.

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