An application that allows you the ability decipher AIS broadcasts from various ships, displaying their position, destination and dimensions.

  • ShipPlotter
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ShipPlotter Description

Given the congestion that certain waterways, ports and bays can experience, any information to successfully navigate them efficiently is welcome. ShipPlotter is an application that translates and converts AIS information into visual information, displaying each ship’s size, bearing and destination on a virtual map of the surrounding area.

A simple interface that makes the most of external sources to provide additional support

ShipPlotter allows users to connect to various different online map resources, as well as tools like Google Earth to present an accurate representation of your area. When properly connected to an AIS receiver, it converts the information into visual representations of each ship with all the information contained in a mandatory AIS broadcast.

There are multiple options in how to display the information that users can select from, that include signal, message, ship and chart modes. Each one displays the AIS information in different ways on the chosen map, with additional options like a radar view, to provide a clearer directional display.

A wide array of features and additional options to increase the versatility of ShipPlotter

ShipPlotter contains a series of extra settings that help increase the usage a vessel can get from the application, it supports a peer-2-peer sharing system that allows multiple users to share data to create a more comprehensive map of water traffic.

The program supports GPS and navigation support, to plot various courses, receive an ETA and save frequently used routes. An SMS option is available that can alert users when another vessel is detected, with customizable options of what exactly triggers the alert.

Provides a detailed map of every vessel within broadcast range, with ways to navigate around them

ShipPlotter is definitely a useful tool, for either boat spotters or those actually navigating on the water. The wide array of additional options means there several ways to process and deal with the information it provides, as a navigation tool or just as an addition to the radar. All in all, ShipPlotter is a viable tool for anyone with a vested interest in the traffic on the waterways and shipping lanes.

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