Shareaza Acceleration Tool

Boost the downloading speed of the Shareaza p2p client using this simple tool that runs in the systray and lets you choose the network adapter.

  • Shareaza Acceleration Tool
  • Version:3.4.0
  • License :Trial
  • OS:Windows All
  • Publisher:P2P Accelerators

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Shareaza Acceleration Tool Description

Shareaza Acceleration Tool is an easy-to-use software application that promises to boost the speed of your downloads when using the Shareaza peer-to-peer client. It doesn’t come packed with configurable settings since it’s designed to accelerate the downloading speed with one click, so no special experience is required to work with it.

Pay attention during setup

Installing this program doesn’t take long. However, you shouldn’t rush through the setup steps. Because the utility is ad-supported, it offers to download and install additional software that it doesn’t actually need in order to work properly. Unless you’re interested in these offers, they can be skipped to make a clean setup.

Shareaza Acceleration Tool gets integrated into the systray at startup, creating an icon that provides access to the configuration panel on left click and which opens a menu on right-click menu with an option to add it to the Windows autostart sequence, so that it can get launched automatically every time you turn on the computer.

Accelerate the Shareaza downloading speed with one click

Acceleration is immediately enabled when firing up the program, so you should already notice a difference in speed when using Shareaza. Otherwise, you can disable acceleration, pick a different network interface from the menu (all adapters are autodetected by the tool), then re-enable acceleration.

Aside from the fact that you can check out statistics with the network type, sent and received bytes, connection status, duration, acceleration duration and a graph of sent and received packets over Shareaza, there are no other notable options available. It can be minimized to the systray and exited from the systray menu.

No significant change in Shareaza download speed

The software tool worked without error in our tests and had minimal impact on the computer’s performance. However, we haven’t noticed a significant difference in downloading speed when using Shareaza Acceleration Tool.

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