ShaPlus Mobile Info For PC

Quickly identify an Indian telephone network provider, by searching the Internet based on a phone number, a partial number or a region code.

  • ShaPlus Mobile Info For PC
  • Version :3.6
  • License :Freeware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Shafeek Mohammed

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ShaPlus Mobile Info For PC Description

ShaPlus Mobile Info For PC is a reliable application that allows you to quickly identify the operator of the telephone network, as well as the location of phone number users. The application allows you to analyze both mobile numbers, as well as landlines, indicating the region or state they correspond to.

Identify the location by the first digits

ShaPlus Mobile Info For PC requires only the first four or five digits in any phone number, in order to identify the location of the user. The software is limited to finding phone numbers across the Indian territory.

The program can reveal the region corresponding to a particular digit combination, as well as the telephone operator. The result is automatically displayed the moment you enter the required digits, therefore, you may not even need to insert the full number. The application also supports identifying the parameters as mentioned earlier when you enter the STD code.

Search by single or batch numbers

ShaPlus Mobile Info For PC allows you to search the location and operation by inserting a single phone number / region code or by entering several numbers. The functions work from separate tabs and can easily be switched between, with one mouse click.

The Multiple Entry tab allows you to enter the desired numbers, then manually start the search. The program indicates whether the number comes from a mobile phone or a landline, for each entry in the list. Moreover, it displays the region and telephone operator, along with the number.

Offline application

ShaPlus Mobile Info For PC is simple to use, does not require installation and an Internet connection is not mandatory, in order to identify the provenance of each number. The searching algorithm is based on the first few digits in the number, or on the region / STD code, corresponding to states / counties in India.

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