Convert multiple videos at once to another format while also adjusting the bitrate, framerate and other properties of the output file.

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ShanaEncoder Description

As more and more multimedia file types are available to users, there as been an almost proportionate increase in utilities that convert these documents to more common formats. ShanaEncoder is one such program and with abilities to convert entire libraries to numerous formats, it is guaranteed to provide for most encoding needs.

Batch process entire folders

The application comes with several features that give it great power when handling conversions. For start, the utility supports a wide array of common and more ‘exotic’ multimedia formats, including: AVIs, MP3s, FLACs and 3GP2s or EVOs. All source documents can be loaded singly or in batches and drag and drop operations are also supported.

Before moving on to conversions, it should be noted that the program displays ample details related to the input files, including the format, size, bitrate, and sample rate. Another noteworthy feature is the ability to discard items from the processing queue, even while loaded in the main list.

Control the quality of the output file via the multiple available codecs

After batch loading folders, users are free to apply a preset to the queue items. These settings will be applied to the final document and include quality, size and volume modifiers. The application comes with support for most mobile devices multimedia layouts and among the multiple available output formats are also SWF, WMV, WAV and FLV options.

There are several ways of customizing output documents and users can even flip or rotate subtitles. Their font sizes and styles can be adjusted and image effects such as hues and blurs can be added. More than ten codecs are available for use during conversions, which means users can generate highly customized documents.

The program converts single or multiple multimedia files to various common and uncommon formats

Summing up, ShanaEncoder is a very powerful converter for anyone with large multimedia libraries and in need of a batch encoder.

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