Get rid of duplicate embroidery files with the help of this easy-to-use application that is able to perform analyses based on your own filters.

  • SewClean
  • Version :1.2.8
  • License :Trial
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :S & S Computing

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SewClean Description

We all know how time-consuming freeing up space on your computer can get if you go in a quest without any help. Fortunately, there are many software solutions out there that offer to carry out this task for you. SewClean is one of them, with its core functionality being linked to duplicate embroidery files, which it is able to detect and delete.

Indicate which locations you want the app to inspect

SewClean is the kind of program that does not catch your attention, strictly judging by its looks. However, that is not to mean that interacting with its interface will give you any headaches. On the contrary, all the features are neatly placed, with the left section containing a directory tree you can explore in order to decide which folders are up for inspection. At the same time, the right pane is meant to display several search filters.

Removing duplicates can be done based on your principles

As said, the program’s main purpose is to eliminate duplicates from your PC while taking into consideration several parameters you indicate. You can thus find and delete duplicate embroidery files from one or more specific folders, but you may also perform the same action on a USB stick, a CD or network drive, or on all hard drives.

In case you want to protect specific dupe content, you should know that you can keep up to three file types per pattern, which you can indicate in the “Options” menu. Formats such as SEW, SHV, VIP, TOY, ART, and CNB are just a few of your choices.

What’s more, putting a directory to the test and deciding on a file format you want to be completely removed from it is a possibility.

Crashes could be experienced

As for the destination of the folders that get removed, you also have a say in this. This applies to compressed files too, which you can send either to Recycle Bin or a folder of your choice.

Now few words about the program’s performance. During our tests on a Windows 10 machine, the program inexplicably crashed at times when selecting folders.

Helps you free up space in your PC but is flawed by some performance issues

All in all, SewClean is a utility designed for users intent on saving space on their PC without investing too much effort. It does all the work in a transparent manner, and all the actions it performs are based on user-defined filters, but the truth remains that it does get unresponsive at certain points.

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