Service Record

Keep track of your time as a Jehova’s Witnesses field ministry with this application that can record the time spent distributed magazines, books, brochures, etc..

  • Service Record
  • Version :5.6.1
  • License :Demo
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Savard Software

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Service Record Description

For those who spend a lot of time in the field, distributing various materials that promote the Jehova’s Witnesses’ work, keeping track of the hours passed and the offered materials can be tricky. Service Record was created to help users who work as field ministries, record their time spend in the field and perform an inventory of all the distributed materials or rendered services. It will allow them to manage multiple user profiles, access a calendar feature and generate detailed reports about the recorded activity.

Minimalist interface that offers decent tools for recording the activity of Jehova’s Witnesses field ministries

Service Records offers users a basic interface that houses a limited amount of features, which will help them record and save the details of their field services. The main interface allows one to view the multiple users and an adjacent calendar view, for easy time-keeping.

People will be able to create multiple user profiles, but the application only offers name customization and no other options, such as a corresponding avatars or personal details. For each user profile, the application allows the creation of multiple “studies”, where one can enter all the details of the field activity.

Record your time spend in the field with this utility that offers customizable reports and offers activity statistics

The application allows users to add the time spent in the field, providing services or distributing materials and one can enter data for the following categories: magazines, books, brochures, miscellaneous, return visits, tracts or video showings.

All the recorded activities can then be converted into printout reports and users are able to view charts with statistics for the time spent per day / week / month, etc. However, in spite of its time recording and inventory capabilities, the utility does not offer a solution for actually performing a live timing of the field activities and users must rely on their own watches or time-keeping devices.

Fair software solution for Jehova’s Witnesses field ministries that will offer decent time-keeping and materials inventory features

For users who require a software package for recording their field activity and services rendered when promoting the work of Jehova’s Witnesses organization, Service Record can be a viable choice. It will allow them to enter the time spent with each activity and they will be able to access detailed field reports and view time statistics.

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