Serial Monitor

This application offers you the possibility to capture, analyze and record the serial port data exchanged between a program and a device.

  • Serial Monitor
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Serial Monitor Description

Serial Monitor is a software solution specifically designed to help developers that are working with serial ports, as it allows monitoring the data transferred between a computer and a serial device.

Multiple tabs for easy analyzing

After the installation, the main window sports a clean tab-based layout and you can easily open multiple files at once to edit them as well as explore the connected devices to manage the data exchange.

Using the application, you can monitor a wide range of devices that you can connect to, like legacy, PnP and virtual serial devices, even to servers.

Serial Monitor Lite allows you to configure the working session, and select the visualizers you want to help you display the information about your serial port data. You can choose from structure, raw data, console and line views, as well as statistical details.

A useful serial serial monitor with recording capabilities

The utility provides support for recording, then saving the data transmitted to and from the serial devices, as a raw file or as text.

Furthermore, the app enables the creation of bridges so the data can be monitored and synchronized between multiple devices.

With Serial Monitor specialists can easily debug and analyze com bridging or test serial protocols between software and hardware.

The recording and replaying of the logs is another important feature that Serial Monitor offers for programmers and engineers to take advantage of.


All in all, Serial Monitor, offering support for scripts, protocols and compiling, is a great tool for developers and experts who want to analyze the serial data exchanged between serial devices.

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