Serial Monitor Professional

Advanced tool that helps you capture, visualize and replay all serial port data exchanged between a Windows application and serial device, apply different view modes, create custom color schemes for monitored packets, and work with remote connections.

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Serial Monitor Professional Description

Serial Monitor Professional is an advanced software application whose purpose is to help you monitor data flow between serial devices.

It is geared towards programmers, developers, testers, IT specialists and hardware engineers. Just to make an idea about what this program is able to, here are its key features that you can work with: serial ports and device monitoring options, filters, custom color scheme for monitored packets, graphical data analysis, remote monitoring, and real-time display mode of the packets.

In addition, it creates a monitoring connection between two serial devices by generating a virtual bridge between them.

User-interface and supported devices

The tool reveals a well-organized set of features that gives you the possibility to keep an eye on all supported devices. You can check out your computer or address of a remote server, device type (network, serial or USB) and device category (e.g. Human Interface Devices, Ports).

It works with physical and virtual devices, and discovered log files. Plus, the list with connected devices is automatically updated.

Device monitoring features and session management

Serial Monitor Professional allows you to start or stop the monitoring process, configure the default saving directory for logs, create virtual bridges between two serial devices (by picking the target devices and altering the baud rate, data bits, parity, stop bits and flow control), as well as connect to a remote server.

Furthermore, you are allowed to add a custom name for a device, view Windows device properties, restart the selected one, and view data about each one, such as name, description, location and manufacturer.

All running sessions are displayed in a dedicated window, and you may view additional information about each one, such as source (serial, USB or network), type, name, processing, start and running time, as well as state. When it comes to managing the running sessions, you may configure, resume, pause or stop the selected session.

Configuring a new monitoring session means creating a customized version of predefined data processing modules, applying preset capture filters (or creating custom ones) and processing scripts.

Displaying monitored packets

The application gives you the possibility to analyze monitored packets in a table or HEX/ASCII view, check out read/write data in separate windows (incoming data in one pane and outgoing data in another one), and display monitored data in a serial console (useful for keeping an eye on a text-based protocol).

You can change the appearance of visual elements for monitored packets by creating a custom color scheme, and plot data with the aid of a graphical visualizer that is able to offer statistics about total packets per second, total bytes per second, IO packets and more.

Log playback capabilities and other handy functions

Serial Monitor Professional helps you playback a log file by selecting the stream, altering the visualizer, and choosing the time range and playback speed. Last but not least, you may parse PPP and MODBUS packets, work with a built-in serial terminal module for creating serial terminal sessions, parse and display captured packet data, as well as export raw data and text.

An overall efficient serial port and device monitoring tool

All in all, Serial Monitor Professional delivers a powerful and comprehensive suite of features for capturing, visualizing, analyzing and replaying all serial port data exchanged between a Windows application and serial device.

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