Self Test Training – Cisco 300-209

Prepare yourself for the Cisco Secure Mobility Solutions certification exam, by improving your knowledge and practicing with comprehensive tests.

  • Self Test Training – Cisco 300-209
  • Version :1.0.0
  • License :Demo
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Self Test Training

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Self Test Training – Cisco 300-209 Description

Self Test Training – Cisco 300-209 allows you to practice and get yourself accustomed to the structure of the Cisco Secure Mobility Solutions certification exam. The application is suitable for preparation, knowledge improvement and evaluation of the results. You can customize the tests or practice with selected question sets.

Comprehensive tests for certification exam candidates

Self Test Training – Cisco 300-209 is a suitable solution for exam preparation, since it offers you comprehensive tests, specialized on Cisco Secure Mobility Solutions (SIMOS).

The program includes a multitude of questions, with multiple-choice answers, sorted into various categories. You can either take tests or practice with the selected sets or randomize the order of the questions.

Moreover, at the end of each test, the program can calculate your score, offering you a detailed review of the answers. You may thus evaluate your knowledge and observe your progress. The Exam History tool stores the results from all the tests you take in Learning and Practice Modes.

Practice modes, for each learning rhythm

Self Test Training – Cisco 300-209 features four types of question practice, with various particularities. The Learning Mode, Rapid Review and Assessment Test are similar since you may reveal the correct answer at any time you wish.

The Practice Mode offers you an exam simulation environment, with timed sessions, in which you can accurately test your abilities. In this mode, you can select the question categories you wish to practice with or let the program randomize their order.

Quickly set the exam preferences

Self Test Training – Cisco 300-209 enables you to customize your exam practice experience, by setting the passing score or the session duration. By default, the answer options are displayed in the same order each time the question comes up in a test. However, for a more advanced practice, you can enable the randomization of the answer choices.

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