Seamlessly segment Chinese and Japanese texts into separate tokens that you can use in text-to-speech or linguistic analysis projects.

  • SegmentAnt
  • Version :1.1.2
  • License :Freeware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Laurence Anthony

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SegmentAnt Description

Generally speaking, there are very few situations when the computational processing of written text into separate constitute tokens is not performed in the first place. SegmentAnt is a specialized application designed to help you segment text content that is written in Chinese and Japanese.

Comes with an intuitive and clean interface

The program does not require any setup and you can input the desired text or file as soon as you download the utility to your computer. The UI is comprised of two main section, namely the area where you can input the text or respectively the file and the output results panel that enables you to preview and copy the results of the segmentation.

You can specify the language to be used, whether you prefer full space or half space segmentation and the type of dictionary to be accounted for in the lower section of the interface. You should know that the app allows you to use the main dictionary, a custom one or both of the aforementioned sources.

Permits you to segment content from input text and files

The utility is as simple to use as it looks, meaning that you can separate the text so that they are usable in the project you are working on in five simple steps. Therefore, you need to input the content that requires tokenization directly or via a file. The application does not support using both options at the same time.

The second step entails selecting the desired language, which can be variations of Chinese or Japanese for TinySegmenter engine. If you want to improve the accuracy of the tagging, then it is recommended you load a dictionary. Afterwards, you can specify the type preferred type of segment character and lastly, hit the Start button to process the text.

A tool that helps you segment Chinese or Japanese text content

Regardless of whether you are doing text-to-speech synthesis, linguistic analysis, machine translation, simple text processing or information retrieval research, SegmentAnt can lend you a hand.

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