Improve your overall workflow with the help of this ultra-useful tool that enables you to quickly preview images, videos and other type of files.

  • Seer
  • Version :0.8.1
  • License :Freeware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Corey Chan

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Seer Description

Even though a quick look tool is available OS X straight out of the box for many years now, Windows has yet to provide its users with a similar gadget.

Fortunately, you can now speed up the process of viewing images or other types of media with the help a lightweight and very useful tool named Seer.

Preview files with a simple press on the Space key

In a few words, Seer makes it as easy as possible for you to view pictures and videos or preview information about any file just like you would on OS X, by pressing the Space key.

As you can imagine, the application undergoes a typical installation process and does not require any type of customization from your part. The utility comes with a minimal but surprisingly functional user interface.

It does not only display the selected files but it also allows you to open them with the default or designated applications and open their location folder.

Supports the most common media formats

Additionally, images can also be viewed with the help of two modes ( actual size and fit width) and can be rotated clockwise or counterclockwise via a minimalist set of buttons.

Viewing video files is just as straightforward with the addition that you can play, pause or view them on repeat. It is worth mentioning that Seer can also help you preview PDF and HTML files.

When an unsupported file is selected, Seer displays its relevant information like size, location, type, creation and modification dates and MD5 and SHA1 hash codes within a minimalist window.

Simplicity at its finest

Taking everything into consideration, Seer is an efficient piece of software that can handle and display relevant information about almost every type of file you throw at it.

There is no doubt that Seer is one of the most useful tools you can install on Windows as it helps you save a lot of time by instantly previewing files and their relevant information and, inevitably, it makes the whole user experience a bit better.

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