A software utility that enables you to assign new drive letters to devices and partitions that are not properly recognized by your operating system.

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SeeMe Description

Beside the main hard disk on which the operating system is stored, you can also connect a wide variety of other storage devices, including removable USB flash drives or external hard disks. Although most of them are automatically recognized after the connection is made, some might not be displayed properly, or at all.

Assign drive letters to new partitions

SeeMe enables you to correct these errors and assign drive letters to any new device you may want to add to your computer. The utility is able to detect a wide array of devices and display all of them in a list, along with information about their volume number, drive letter and total disk size. In addition, you can also view their health status and the amount of free space available.

In order to assign new drive letters, the selected partition must be undetected by your operating system, since the application is not able to modify any of the already existing volumes. Hence, although you can view all of the connected devices, you cannot bring any modifications to their label or drive letter unless they are not properly recognized.

Adjust the eligible drives according to your preferences

After you find an eligible volume, you can head on and start integrating it with the rest of the partitions that are part of your storage system. The application can automatically detect the next available drive letter, by scanning the other detected disks. After the detection process, the new partition is assigned a fresh letter and it is made visible throughout the computer.

The application also displays information about the file system of every device, which differs depending on the purpose of the partition in question. In addition, the drive label is also visible and you can learn which partition holds the boot data and which one is assigned the “System” status.

Easy-to-use hard disk utility

Overall, SeeMe is a useful application to have around on your computer, especially if you are dealing with unrecognized drives and partitions. Furthermore, thanks to the intuitive and straightforward interface, anyone can make full use of its functions, regardless of any previous computer experience.

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