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Browse your preferred websites and protect your privacy using several integrated security functions due to this Chromium-based browser.

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Secure Browser Description

It is probably safe to assume that all those who know how to use a computer have, at some point, browsed the web looking for information. Nonetheless, a specialized application is required if you are concerned with protecting your online privacy, and Safer Browser can come in handy in this situation.

Chromium-based browser with familiar GUI

This utility is based on Chromium, meaning that it features the same user-friendly graphic interface that you might be already accustomed to.

You can explore websites by opening multiple tabs, and then save the most interesting of them as bookmarks.

Security-oriented browser

In addition to the standard functions that you might expect from any similar app, Safer Browser comes with some additional built-in utilities and extensions. More precisely, you can block chosen elements from your webpage, such as ad banners.

You can also explore the integrated extensions that can be easily disabled or uninstalled altogether if you are not pleased with their performance.

However, the strength of Safer Browser comes from the dedicated Security Center where you can enable or disable various functions, namely the ad blocker, the extension sandbox, the Incognito Plus mode, the HTTPS encryption or the Do Not Track feature.

Due to the built-in safe browsing supported by the app, you can make sure that your URLs are checked against a list of bad phishing and malware sites. A specialized solution for stopping viruses or other malware threats from infecting your PC via the browser is also packed.

Familiar, yet user-friendly browser

All in all, Safer Browser can prove to be the one utility that strikes a nifty balance between security-oriented functions and ease-of-use. It can be used by experts and novices alike: the former will most likely customize the settings while the latter will stick to the default configuration.

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