An efficient and flexible Java-based application that allows you to identify peptides and proteins using various specialized search engines.

  • SearchGUI
  • Version:3.2.20
  • License :Apache License 2.0
  • OS:Windows All
  • Publisher:PeptideShaker Team

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SearchGUI Description

SearchGUI is a handy piece of software that acts as a GUI(graphical user interface) for configuring and running proteomics identification search engines.

It helps you determine the characteristics of certain proteins, amino acids and other organic compounds, by searching them on the Internet using specialized engines, such as X!Tandem, MS-GF+, MS Amanda, MyriMatch and OMSSA. In order to properly work, the application requires Java installed on your computer.

Reliable search engine for organic chemical compounds

The program gives you the possibility to search for proteomics, such as proteins, amino acids, along with other similar components that can be found within genomes. This is done using search engines especially tailored for proteomics identification, such as X!Tandem, MS-GF+, MS Amanda, MyriMatch and OMSSA.

Once a compound is found, the application retrieves data about it, such as mass, residues along with other details that might interest biologists, researchers, chemists and any person that wants to study this field of bio-chemistry.

Intuitive proteomics data editor

SearchGUI can help you edit or add new entries for your own proteomics, so that you can broaden your searches and information. Although some of the specialized search engines do not allow data modification, those that do help others find the data you added.

Aside from this, you can always add new search engines, just in case that the ones provided by default cannot find information about a specific peptide, protein or proteomic compound. By doing so, you can further expand your searches and complete your projects with more data.

An overall good, yet specialized tool for proteomics identification

To conclude, SearchGUI is ideal for those interested in finding information about proteomics, and how proteins and genomes are related. Although the application is user-friendly, most people that have little or no knowledge in bio-chemistry or proteomic research will have trouble working with it, as most terms used are for specialized users.

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