All-in-one software for advanced users and developers that helps them browse on Internet, send emails, read feeds, compose HTML files, and chat on IRC networks.

  • SeaMonkey
  • Version :2.46 / 2.48b1 Beta / 2.51a2 Aurora
  • License :Mozilla Public License
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Mozilla

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SeaMonkey Description

SeaMonkey is an open-source Internet suite that integrates an Internet browser, email and newsgroup client, web feed reader, HTML editor, IRC chat, as well as web developments tools (DOM Inspector and JavaScript Debugger).

The application uses much of the source code provided by Mozilla so users already acquainted with working with Firefox and Thunderbird will find the interface and features bundled in the all-in-one suite familiar and pretty intuitive. Plus, it lets you install various add-ons for boosting its functionality and personalizing your Internet experience.

Web browsing capabilities

The built-in web browser offers support for several advanced features in order to ensure a smooth and pleasant browsing experience, such as tabbed browsing, popup window controls, and profile manager for creating different profiles with their own bookmarks, preferences and mail settings.

Additionally, you can make use the cookie manager for checking out detailed information about each cookie and delete the desired ones, disable images from certain websites in order to increase the page load time, create bookmarks, and quickly access items that you need most of the time using the Sidebar.

The tool lets you install plugins for extending its functionality, use the Download Manager for keeping track of files, and create custom bookmark keywords.

SeaMonkey Mail & Newsgroup

An account is needed in order to receive messages and can be created with the aid of a built-in wizard. You may set up multiple email accounts with an ISP or email provider, and import mail messages and settings from Netscape Communicator, Outlook, Outlook Express, and Eudora.

Plus, you are allowed to insert attachments, keep track of your contacts with the aid of an address book, tag and mark or flag messages, create message filters, search through your messages, filter out junk emails, as well as sign and encrypt messages.

The reader supports RSS and Atom feeds and helps you easily read information, automatically receive notification if a webpage includes feeds, and preview feeds.

Generating web pages and chatting on IRC networks

The Composer gives you the freedom to create or edit webpages, apply formats to paragraphs, headings and lists, change the text color, style and font, remove text styles (e.g. italic, bold), find and replace text, insert special characters, validate HTML text, as well as add tables, pictures and links.

The tool integrates the ChatZilla IRC client for helping you work with multiple networks and channels, chat with the aid of a multi-tabbed layout, exchange files, add plugins, as well as set a different motif for each channel.

An excellent all-in-one Internet application suite

All in all, SeaMonkey comes bundled with powerful features for helping you browse on Internet, send emails, read feeds, compose HTML files, and chat on IRC networks. The advanced mix of tools makes it ideal for advanced users and web developers.

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