Build your own personal wiki containing notes, to-do lists, ideas and thoughts with the help of this intuitive and modern-looking application.

  • Scribbleton
  • Version :1.2.1
  • License :Shareware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Antair

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Scribbleton Description

Scribbleton helps you organize information in an efficient manner, storing anything from simple text notes to ideas and thoughts. You can use it to build your own personal wiki, with clickable links and multiple pages.

Modern looks and ease of use

The intuitive layout of its interface makes it very easy to work with, since all the functions are neatly displayed and the workspace is clean and well-organized.

All the pages of your wiki are shown in the left pane, while the right section enables you to read their content, navigate through pages and format the text (by changing its size or modifying alignment). Creating a new page is just a matter of a few clicks and deleting or renaming existing pages is just as easy.

Manage cross-reference information

The most important advantage of Scribbleton is its capacity to handle cross-reference information. You can create clickable hyperlinks on words or phrases that open new pages, so that you can easily organize data from different sources.

On the downside, the application does not support external links and cannot store other types of data but text, at least for now.

Create a personal wiki and easily organize information

Scribbleton can be used as an alternative to pen and paper for storing ideas, thoughts and organizing information. It is a cross-platform utility for creating a personal wiki, which enables you to store notes and link them together, efficiently managing cross-reference data.

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