Screeny Professional

Capture a wide range of objects from your desktop, then apply effects and send the images via email using this powerful professional application.

  • Screeny Professional
  • Version :3.7.4
  • License :Trial
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :kaemsoft

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Screeny Professional Description

Various tools that can enhance the “Print Screen” button can be found all over the Internet. Screeny Professional is one of the many, and gives you the ability to capture stuff on your screen in a large amount of ways.

Multiple recording options

You might feel a little lost while looking through all the possibilities this application has to offer, and forget why you ran it in the first place. From simple geometrical figures, to single buttons, or menus of specific windows, it covers everything.

Furthermore, there is also an option that lets you record a video of your desktop in which you can choose to also include sound. In addition to all of these capture types, you can further enhance them before, and even after, with again, an abundance of drawing options and effects.

Make your own macroprofiles

If you consider none of the available options suit you, think again, because you are able to create your own capture mode, and preset effects, types, and more. The possibilities are close to endless, making you spend more time configuring it, than actually using what it has to offer. Needless to say that you can assign any hotkey you like to start the process.

Once you are finally done capturing, and editing, you can export your result in various image file types, and not only that, but you may also choose to save it as a document, or directly open it with a different utility. If you happened to have an application opened which supports image processing, you can easily drag the captured picture from the main window, and drop it there.

In conclusion

All in all, Screeny Professional is a neat screen capturing tool with a breathtaking amount of things it lets you do. Moreover, take into consideration the user friendly interface, and a few themes to choose from, and you can say it is indeed a powerful tool.

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