Organize Steam screenshots into folders based on each game’s title with just a few mouse clicks, by using this simple application.

  • Screenhive
  • Version:1.3.0
  • License :Trial
  • OS:Windows All
  • Publisher:Brian Mock

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Screenhive Description

When you take a screenshot in a Steam game, the program gives you the option of saving an uncompressed copy of the image in a specified folder. The files are not organized in any way, however, so it is difficult to find the ones you are looking for.

Screenhive is a very simple utility that can come to your aid in this scenario, as it can move these images into folders based on each game’s title. It is very easy to use, even for complete novices.

Make sure Steam is configured properly before using this tool

It is important to note that, by default, Steam only saves compressed JPEG versions of your screenshots, and not in the designated screenshot folder. Naturally, Screenhive cannot help you organize these images.

Before anything else, you need to perform the necessary configurations within Steam. The instructions are available on the product’s website; in short, you have to select the screenshot folder and make sure the “Save an uncompressed copy” option is checked.

Organize your Steam screenshots quickly and effortlessly

After completing the steps mentioned above, you can launch Screenhive and select your Steam screenshots folder. Next, just click the Organize button and let the app create the necessary folders and move your files.

When you open your screenshots folder again, you will notice that all the files are now placed into folders, each directory being named after the game’s title. It should now be much easier to find specific images.

Straightforward screenshot organizer that gets the job done

When all is said and done, Screenhive is a very simple utility, but is very useful for those who need to organize a large library of Steam screenshots. It is very easy to install and configure, and it enables you to quickly sort the images into folders based on the games’ titles.

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