Screencast Capture Lite

Straightforward software that allows you to record a fixed region of the desktop, the entire primary screen, or only a selected window and export the video to AVI, MKV, M4V, MP4, or MOV file format.

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Screencast Capture Lite Description

Screencast Capture Lite is a video recording application designed specifically for helping you capture your desktop activity and export it to a video file.

The program comes in handy especially when you need to create tutorials, as it allows you to record a fixed region of the screen, the entire primary screen, or only a selected window.

Clean feature layout

You are welcomed by a well-organized set of functions that allows you to select the desired capturing mode for recording videos, and open the saving directory where the clips are stored directly from the primary panel.

A smart feature bundled in this program allows you to preview the actions that you perform on your desktop in real-time.

Recording capabilities

Screencast Capture Lite gives you the possibility to start or stop the recording process, capture the video streams processed via your webcam, as well as disable the audio recording mode and capture videos without sound.

What’s more, when it comes to configuration settings, the tool lets you pick the default saving directory, capture mouse clicks, cursor, and keyboard keys, alter the video frame rate, adjust the audio bitrate, as well as pick the desired output format (AVI, MKV, M4V, MP4, or MOV).

During our testing we have noticed that Screencast Capture Lite carries out the recording process pretty quickly and provide very good output quality. It doesn’t eat up a lot of CPU and memory, so the overall performance of your computer is not affected.

Bottom line

To sum things, Screencast Capture Lite comes bundled with some handy features for helping you record your screen activity, and is suitable especially for less experienced users who are looking for nothing more than a straightforward program for carrying out the job.

However, it cannot compete with other powerful applications from the same category, as it lacks support for a built-in video player, as well as resizing and cropping capabilities, just to name a few suggestions. If you want to skip the installation steps, you can check out the portable version of the program, which can be found here.

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