An all-in-one video recorder and virtual camera that allows you to broadcast and record videos comfortably, in a professional manner.

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ScreenCamera.Net Description

ScreenCamera.Net is a video recorder that also includes a virtual camera, allowing users to record, edit, and broadcast videos.

The integrated video camera comes with support for a variety of applications and can be used with multiple monitors and webcams. The tool is designed mainly for users with some computer experience, but beginners can still take advantage of it after spending some time learning its functions.

Add images to videos

In addition to allowing users to capture and broadcast videos, the application includes support for overlaying files on top of these clips, thus offering users the possibility to customize their clips in line with their needs.

With the help of this tool, users can add images and text to their videos while also being able to apply date-time stamps to them, and to overlay vector shapes.

Apply effects to videos

Users can customize the videos they want to broadcast by applying a series of effects to them. The tool includes support for transparency, rotation, and other functions. An integrated scheduler makes it easy for users to set desired broadcast times.

The software comes with a series of included browsers that make it easy for users to search their computers for the images, videos, and audio files they want to include in the broadcast.

Edit images and videos

The tool includes an object editor, offering users the possibility to customize any of the pictures, videos, or songs they want to add to the capture. It can also be used to save the modified FXS with a new name, so as to distinguish it from the original.

The various functions of the program are launched in the form of new windows on its main interface. Each window includes specific functions and users can switch between them fast, yet they need to learn what each of them can do before they can efficiently take advantage of the program. Also, the looks of these windows appear a bit outdated.

A fast application

All in all, ScreenCamera.Net is a powerful, snappy video capture and virtual camera application. It can be used to broadcast videos, includes support for multiple monitors and webcams, and allows users to customize the output in various ways.

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